A sainted wife

A kind hearted maid
With a brilliant strong head
For whom, my heart, I will freely rent
Simply I want to marry a young saint.

She could take care of our children and parents
I would reciprocate by acting as her assistant
In whatever possible ways I could be availed
Be it in kitchen, bathroom or (while making) bed.

Like saint, we will part our ways during day for fulfillment of needs
However we will meet together at evening to feed
The nights will be filled with good texts and reads
And the next dawn if we see will gloriously succeed.

So, she must not necessarily be enthrallingly cute damsel
But be a simple girl who in her daily chores shall excel
However she must not always have to act angel
When situation mandates she can become the unforeseen- devil.

The soldier’s wish

In my prayers, I ask god to protect you along my family and close friends
In our happiness, I wish you’re with us to celebrate the moments
In my sadness, I would rather prefer silence so that no one, except me, suffers
In my lonliness, I wish to find you as the messiah to remove forlornness forever

I wish you to be companion beyond my life
Who could take care of our future child even prematurely if I die
I wish you would walk till the crematory without any tears
But just be proud of husband’s service towards his nation.

I wish the un-uniformed soldiers like a soldier’s wife must be adorned with prize and medals
For they ultimately help realize the service’s price is priceless and real
Neither soldier’s duty nor his wife loyalty and commitment goes useless
However, soldier’s wish sometimes goes fruitless if his girlfriend marries next personage.

Visiting the soul

It is a place that you must see and visit and you will never regret it
It is a people who you must meet and greet
It is not only a party that you sought to attend
Funeral must also be given a relative precedence.

It is not only that you live with your wife or girl friend
But must make a living by working with your office mates
It is not only that you socialise drinking tea, beer and wine
But earn as much as possible so that your family can also happily dine.

You must be in comedy atmosphere so that you get to jest
It is a sports club where you must rejoice your embodiment and your fuselage
It is a temple where you give your mind and soul
So that god recharges it and give you battery full- mindful.

Yes it is a girl you must marry if you are a straight boy and vice versa
Yes it is a girl you must marry if you are a lesbian girl without any inertia
However, it doesn’t matter if you have not visited place and hobnob with people
Until and unless you have fathom you yourself by experiencing your soul.

Grandma and Girlfriend

No matter if I marry next woman
No matter if I live in next nation
No matter if I don’t talk with you for years and years
Whenever I remember you both, my eyes are filled with tears.

Doesn’t matter if I will posses anger and hate
Doesn’t matter if I forget the morals of being a good mate
Doesn’t matter if I don’t see you both for many decades
Your picturesque souls will remain forever in my head.

I cannot bury both of your memories nor can I hide
They will just be shown to people through my eyes
I cannot forget you guys even if I suffer from (forgetting disease) alzhemier
Because you were my grandma and girlfriend who just now lacks life.

Love and Hate

When we tried to seek love
Love didn’t work and we had to sob
And even had to break our friendship
Ceasing our talk and thus relationship.

When we tried shattering adoration’s dearth
We began detesting each other
Thus we entered more into hardship
And stopped our mutual worship.

Because when we stop loving, we embrace
Hate and it itself grows in love’s place
Hence, even in the fertiles of land
Weed spans if we leave our state vacant.

An alzheimer’s patient

An alzheimer’s patient suffered from OCD
And was adamantly obsessive to stroll every evening
Since everytime there would not be anyone to succor
That day shrewdly his wife bestowed him one glass of water
To assure whole moment security, courtesy some helathy neuron
And his knack of peeing on that one toilet always led him home alone.


And let me live freely
Abstaining the wealth
Possessing sound health
If I could carry bags to eat
And own a filthy shelter to sleep
Just a mat and a quilt

And I don’t need a partner
Just silent nights and restless days
And my day’s work pay
And if I could just labor hard
And earn ‘tiredness’ as reward
To sleep whole night

The curious doctor

White Coat, Stethoscope

Specs in his eyes
Grey hair would never lie
His experience.

Asks his patient
What has happened sir?
With his courtesy
The patient feels shocked.

Patient goes into Coma
Conscious, bottled Oxygen in nose
The doctor in a simple pose
Again, ‘What has happened sir?’

Now patient is more sick
Unconscious and extremely weak
The doctor could not ask him again
‘What has happened Sir?’

So doctor goes out of the room
Sees the patient’s men
And again questions
What has happened to sir?

If I am born again

Please oh! God
If I am born again
Don’t give me knowledge in abundance
Let I just dance, eat and play
And remain gay
Through out the day
Through out the night
In darkness and light
Give me courage to fight
An eye for the sight
Ear to hear
Nose to smell
Tongue to taste
Skin to feel
And happy soul
Who would make other smile.

The tyranny

The glory (not euphoria) of success is such failure’s brought grief is not that much.
The intensity of love is such hatred gets dissolve with the moving watch.
But the period of tyranny is such the achieved democracy will not count much.