I think I am prepared for the worst
I am ready to see you marry
Ah! I am just lying.

Not a love

Once upon a time, you loved me
Now, I love you
Yet we have not been able to love each other together.

The ill is not who gets sick

The ill is not who gets sick
But who doesn’t get his illness treat
The lover is not who is bestowed with love
But one who reciprocate with fondness to her.

The hater is not who only hates
But who continuously berate his mates
The healthy is not one who is only free from disease
But the one who brings his and others life at ease.

The beautiful are not only those who are flawless
But also those who admire the beauty of their friends
The empathetic are not only those who posses empathy
But are those who praises the third parties chemistry.

The poor poet’s story

This is the story of a poor poet
Whose girlfriend had left
For another rich mate
So the poet became frustrated
He could not let her go easily
And would think of her crazily
Day and night he would just stare at skies
And remember in back of his head her beautiful lies
He used to be angry and sad
He nearly had got himself mad
Until he decided to pour the pain
Hence he found paper and pen
Started to write poems that were bright
His soul would feel somewhat light
Slowly he got the recognition
Inside and outside his nation
Because he published the book and was an instant hit
He earned the money and was also getting mentally fit
Counselling, yoga, exercise and poem of course
Were the reason he got back on the course.

Letter to my friend

My friend, I won’t say, ‘I can’ t live without you my whole life’.
Well, I can but with remorse of not being able to live with my potential wife
I may be sad at times but will never be happy for rest of my breath
However, for the next life meeting, I may be smiling at my deathbed.

But, I don’t want to grin only on my last seconds
I want to live in reality and live with you in this moment
And smile now and forever onwards to eternal togetherness
Simply I want to be the one to open your veil to see your face on marriage date.

One day I shall achieve

I know one day I will be great
On me don’t you ever berate
And greatness you better don’t define
Thoroughly yet relatively anybody can shine
So one day I will achieve the heights
And continue to speak up for my rights
Until then I will keep on the fight
With self and be on the path of improvement
But wary of the incorrect movement
Yet never afraid to speak up the correct word
I will present myself brave to my lord and the world
I have perhaps achieved first step to greatness
By thinking slowly but surely, I shall achieve the eminence.

The difference

Those who achieved greatness and those who veered towards madness had one thing in different, the latter could not stand when they fell and the former fought till the end.


My eyes saw you beautiful
I could feel in the skin’s tune
But my ears had heard you were not
So I can already smell the social begrudge
Yet, I have not tasted you, you seem delightful.

Love and Beauty

The beauty of love can overpower love of grace
The former is aesthetic whereas later is preference
The first can make you angelic but the last one can gift you trick
Beauty of love can provide you strength whereas only love of beauty can make you weak.

However without latter the former cannot even subsist
It is the desire that can help co-exist love and beauty
So when the beauty of love meets love of grace
Then I, the love, who admires you, the beauty, fulfills the wish.

We are together then, wife and Man.


You are a rainbow, very near yet far
You are a ceasefire, held between peace and war
You are the sunshine whom I can just feel
And a fickle moonlight whom I can rarely deal.

You are a mountain, uphill task to ascent
You are a beautiful enigma difficult to detonate
You are a cloud who metamorphose its shape
You are an evening star just showing up depsite your death.

You are also me as I look or not in the mirror
You are just a beautiful character veiled in shutter
You are just as me as I have said to you before
And what I know of myslef is I am neither an angel nor a whore for sure.