‘I love you still’
Is the biggest reason
Why I hate myself most.

‘I like you still’
Is another reason
Why I dislike myself first.

Seeing you beautiful
Is another reason
For making myself disagreeable thus.


A girl took away my heart
And she never gave it back
She is now my other half

I begged a girl to keep my heart safe
She ignored and kept other’s instead
She is my ex-girlfriend.


I saw a good dream while asleep
But as I woke up I saw you
Hence, I wished to return back to the dream

Now- the eternal constant

I wished sometime if time was constant
Youth were youth
Child just child
Old as old
How happy the earth would be
And actually it is
Child turns youth
Youth becomes old
And old dies to be replaced by a child
But in the moment
Youth is just youth
Child a child
And oldie an old
Now is the eternal constant.

Marriage talk

He has seen beautiful wives eloping
And cheating their husband
And innocent women harassed by dirty men
By sending ”I love you’ in women mobile screen

So he ties knot with girl of average beauty outside
And powerful from inside
He sets free from anxiety if his wife would be loved
Or she shall try attracting other men

He feels relaxed
He feels free…..


Thro any means sure they listen
Doesn’t matter if device is hidden
But I must speak
I dance and sing
Actually I feel like I am in the screen
And I act natural
Following my mood
I don’t suppress my feelings
I have mastered that reacting truly is a way to healing……


The river

I am glistening snow in the mountains
Always move (restless) to reach the sea
Ocean is the only place I rest and feel peace
But the journey consists of the vertical stream
From where I fall to show my mother nature’s beauty
And also of the river where I hobnob with aquatic lives
Ain’t I like working wife (note: all wives are working wives)?
Taking care to keep this earth (home) beautiful by being cascade
And heeding the fishes and the crabs as children
Not disturbing them in their voyage
And with bliss for kitchen acting as a salt.

Life beyond

There is a life beyond music and poetry
We call them friends and families
And there is life beyond families and friends
We call them songs and poems.

A Poem not for my wife/wives

Who is your favorite real character
Mine are my parents
But this would be my answer
To all except those in my harem.

Ideas immortal

When ideas struck in head
Jot it down with paper and pen
As paper and pen has memory immortal
But one day we have to die and leave these all.