Love again:

How dull would it be to not love again
And relive the moments like just holding each others hand
It doesn’t have to be a different person or location
Not necessarily filled with kisses and fun
But peaceful days would also work fine
If it is just about two of us at any time.

Just you

I cannot imagine loving again
Not that I was deceived in love and I fear it
But I am settling to love just you.

को दोषी? :

सायद मेरो आँखा हुनु नै दोष थियो
तिमीलाई देखेर माया बस्नु नै भुल भयो
अनि सधैको लागि आँखा बन्द गरेर तिम्रो रूप बिर्सदा
तिम्रो बोली व्यवहारले तिम्रो सुन्दरतलाई जित्यो
खै के गर्ने, कसलाई दोषी मान्ने।


We talked and still talk formula one
And shuttled badminton as if super Dan
Played cricket in passage and backyard
Acted wrestling without beating each other hard.

When one was striker, another acted goalkeeper
Sometimes cricket would be played without any wicketkeeper
Sports would always unite us and so did motorbike
Without license we rode through cities aisle.

We both cried when one was punished by our teachers
We both smiled when one was awarded by our preachers
The friday fritters and sweets would be halved if they were in odd numbers
We have more of an emotional relationship of friendship than just being brothers.


We were brave as a child
In the woods we used to hide
Despite knowing there could be snakes
And worms and other harmful insects.

And we rarely possesed any fears
But if insecurities strike we wailed out our tears.
And we would bath more with our sweat than water
We enjoyed the moments than any matters.

We preferred sports over studies
And play before any sort of punishment.
We grew up like any normal child does
And may be that’s what made our childhood special.

(N+1) broken hearts

Many boys fell for her desperately
And yet she broke in total many plus one hearts
One including hers
Because among those many lovers she loved one
And that person was whom I knew well very much

But she never thought of marrying even for once.


‘I love you still’
Is the biggest reason
Why I hate myself most.

‘I like you still’
Is another reason
Why I dislike myself first.

Seeing you beautiful
Is another reason
For making myself disagreeable thus.


A girl took away my heart
And she never gave it back
She is now my other half

I begged a girl to keep my heart safe
She ignored and kept other’s instead
She is my ex-girlfriend.


I saw a good dream while asleep
But as I woke up I saw you
Hence, I wished to return back to the dream

Now- the eternal constant

I wished sometime if time was constant
Youth were youth
Child just child
Old as old
How happy the earth would be
And actually it is
Child turns youth
Youth becomes old
And old dies to be replaced by a child
But in the moment
Youth is just youth
Child a child
And oldie an old
Now is the eternal constant.