My brothers are part of my pride, we are lions

In absence of gravity my sister will weigh no less

Imagine if there was no gravitational force
And no sky to hold earth’s resource
We would all fall to mars and venus
Some of us may go as far as into uranus
If I would know if I was to go to Mars
I would wear more clothes as it is cold and harsh
But if ‘forceless environ’ would take me to Venus
I must take off all the clothes as it is hot as desert
So, I hope gravity won’t get lost
And we won’t get away from earth
Hence I just pray to God
And don’t imagine horror above this sod.

But for my fat sister, she would not feel grimace
As she believes she will weigh lesser in moon’s surface
But where will moon be in absence of force
Don’t tell her of this, she will feel worse.

The student’s query

‘How does sky look like in Venus?’
The teacher answered, it must red as planet itself
‘How does the sky view in Uranus?’
The teacher replied, ‘I may have to go there myself.’


You better don’t hurt
Because whatever way you try to mend
There is scar that is left behind
That is always reminded in the heart of victim.

You better don’t tread
On someone else’s shadow
For you’ll miss the sunlight
And nothing will happen to other person.


Calm before the storm
Calmness reach beyond rome
The light before the sun
Brightens the whole world
Home to the refugee
Be distant land story
Fruits in the tree
Be for beings of all creed.


The pink or the liver-red
Which rose do you want
If you ask for pure red, I can’t
For our garden doesn’t posses pure red
And we have to plant the flower
So wait until next year for red roses shower
Or do you want all colors roses in a package
I shall send you also yellow in that bouquet
For love is dull without friendship
All roses would bloom in our relationship.

Not keeping a cat

My uncle feared if clothes’d be torn by rat
But my uncle could not keep the cat
Yet he pondered and pondered
For he also has had milk in his room
And you can’t trust a cat irrespective of kittens in the womb

As fetus in the womb means more cats in future
So instead he decided to take off the teeth of the rats hidden in corners.


Even though roses spring in the garden
Also heed daisy
For roses may not be all season
So don’t act silly.

Same but different

They miss me
I miss them
It is same

They lose me
I lose them
It is also all same

She love me
I love her
But this is not similar.

Too introvert

So many times he smiled
But did not share a word
The guy might have found medicine for laughter
But we could not hear his emotions.

Many stories unsaid
Many unemployed gone unpaid
The mystery remained ever
For what was in that bubbly creative head?