Prudent tree

Kudos! the tree
Plethora of leaves
During summer heat
You invent the shadow
To keep pedestrians cool
And save them from the rain

Kudos! the tree
Bereft of the leaves
You sacrifice thy beauty
So that the pedestrians can warm
Under you while walking in the street

छुने से मेहसुस होता तो

छुने से मेहसुस होता तो
पिने से प्यास मिट जाता तो
सब उड्ने वाले, परिन्दे कहलाते थे
और नाबोल्ने वाले, सब गुङ्गे।
जैसे कि मै, जो तुम्हे एक लब्ज भी कहना शका।
और परिन्दे कि तर्हा ख्वाबो मे ही उड्ता रहा
कि तुम आओगी और मेरी प्यार कि प्यास मिटोगी।
फिर भी मैने तो प्यार पिया लेकिन प्यासा मे मेहसुस कर ना सका।
क्यूकि दोनो हातो से ही तालीया बज्ति
दुलहे बिन दुल्हन सज नही सकती॥

Odd boy

Though in school i used to ace
I didnot know how to tie my shoe lace
And although i completed my homework
I didn’t know the artwork

Though I possessed skills to play football
I didn’t possess dexterity to iron uniform
And although I spoke to my friends
I rarely shook their hands

I was odd and still am
But then I shook my hands
Only to those who tied my lace
And who corrected my artwork’s mess

Obsessive unemployed

I am a selfish man
Who searches for topics to write poem
I only go to toilet in expectation
That to write a poem, I will get some motivation
But in this process clears the constipation.

And I only go to friends place
So that I could get some books in grace
And I cook food not for good taste
But with intention that it however digests
And I sleep not just for quality rest
But for I may have a dream
And get a topic to write a poem.

I know life is too short just to write
There are other task to do in the sight
I have to find a job and maintain a family
Cause money costs even for a cup of tea
So I must stop searching for topics
Because for my child I need to buy Horlicks
Oh! Is this the topic to be written
Of not being able to purchase Horlicks for child
A husband gets beaten.

The change driver

I may be a gay
But I want to be an actor-
Not supporting but lead-
So does my choice act as a negative factor?

I don’t want to perform stereotype roles
Where queer people are just heroine friendly.
I want to portray as a normal soul
Who doesn’t behave like LGBTQ but straightly.

I want to romance with girl in screen
I desire a manly character in my script
I also want to perform exquisite scenes
Because we LGBTQ are here to leap.

We want a mainstream character
A gangstar, a footballer or a cricketer
Because every profession represents us
Like we also drive police and soldier’s bus.

Aeroplane flies

For if an aeroplane flies
A bicycle cannot just envy

It must ride and ride

Death has never won

It may be the end of the winter
So the spring springs now
The war may have just ceased
So the peace has just been sown

The lie may have been battered
Hence truth has just been vowed
However even if lives have been finished
The death has never won.


The sun rises from low point
Yet kisses the top of a mountain.
The same sun in its zenith
Cannot express similar smiling teeth
It has to wait until the dusk
To re-create beautiful tusk.

Act when you are fired

Bask when there’s sun
Moon doesn’t provide such heat
Sit in front of a burning wood
Else the fire may subside quick.

However, life’s ambition may not last longer
As sun in sky or a burning wood
It is just like fire in hay
Be fast to act else idly you’ve to lay.

So run when your legs have strength
In old age you may be tired
Also with age, desire within one may be less intensed
So always act when you are fired.


The autumn imagos flock to the bulbs
To die in light achieving salvation
But even dying your avenue not as easy as discerned
Because on the walls lizard eyeing insects to gulp
To turn life into corpse in its stomach.