I don’t have anything to do
And I don’t have anything to say
Except, the bill is already in the table,
Who’s going towards the counter to pay?

I only ate fraction of a pizza and burger
But I didn’t devour french fries and chicken
So I am not going to pay any dollar
Cause it’s not my birthday celebration.

Nor it is an occasion for any of my friends
It is just a gathering called by them
But I am an unemployed man
So I don’t have anything to do
And I don’t have anything to say
But wait for all of them to pay.

The odd friend:

It was raining cats and dogs
But Fred was acting somehow hog
He had umbrella in his bag
That he had not even took out the tag.
Did he thought it would be a brag
If he used his new umbrella
Anyway he seemed as a crazy fella

So as his friend
who had no cover for rain
I asked him to take out umbrella
So that we would get protected
But he didn’t approve my words and said
‘Let’s cover ourself from sack instead
Cause my umbrella is new and it would get wet’
Really, i have never seen such mate
Whose irrationality was at his best.

Who will stich our uniform?:

It is neither me nor it’s you
Who is the person who can sew
The uniform that are new but torn
Else friends in school will make our fun.

‘Mom’, answered my brother
‘But we need to provide her needle
And also other material, needed to stich
Also don’ t forget to say please, please, please’

However the chances are low
As mom’ll implore, to do it by ourself
At most, she will act as a helping hand
And make the mend less tough and rough.

Had we completed the task
We may have prized with puff
But we could not, so we went nuts
For who will sew our pants and shirts?

Don’t poke

Don’t tease the bee in a hive
Else they will get angry and bite;
And your body will inflate to red
You may get stricken to bed.

If you try to vex the crow and its child in the tree
The mother crow will not let you free.
So donot poke crow, dogs or bees
Let curiosity be limited to study.

Please oh! Please donot experiment the poke
This writer knows better than any other folk
Have anyone been bitten by a dog and bee
After trying to run away from the crow in the tree?

This man trying to write a poetry has been bitten
By dog and his bum’s muscle was also eaten
He was the one who was stricken to bed
And his was the body which was inflated to red.

The sage maize

I have found a maize with human hand
And he’s as sage and a helping friend
He distribute maize to poor for free.
He is a kind of walking tree

He is sturdy in his built
He has a sweet corn as a fruit
But when cows graze in the field
He just get frightened for they will eat.

He does have an unfixed root
Unlike other plants he can move.
He speaks the language of the land
And he can prosper even in the sand.

And you may have a query
How I know he is the he
Once he had said to me
‘I only stand and pee’

Don’t marry? :

The mischievous kids are born
Perfect wife is almost gone
Fun veers to semi-mourn
Expenses spike literally to ton
Clothes start to torn
Shoes start to worn
Tummy starts to bulge
This is what i know
On what happens
After 5 years in nuptail
Replies a father to son.
And you can write more about it
After getting married
Or better you don’t write it
For that you should not marry,
Advices father to son.


भाषा भन्दा भाबमा जाऊ
गीत चाहे होस् अङ्ग्रेजी वा नेवारी खुलेर गाऊ।
भावना हो महत्वपूर्ण पङ्क्ति
भाषा त केबल अभिव्यक्तिको निम्ति ।।
जुन भाषा बोल्न आउछ बोलौ त्यही
मुख होइन दिमागले नवीन कुराको खोज गरौ यही।
त्यसैले ग्रन्थ जे मा होस एउटै मर्म बोलोस
जुन भाषा होस तर सत्य भावनाले जितोस।।

आखिर क्यूः

क्यू दरवाजा मे सिर्फ दस्तक दे रही हो
क्यू दिलमे आके रूहको सता रही हो
क्यू बात करते भी कुछ केह नही रही हो
क्यू आशिक कहलाते हुए प्रेम दूसरे से जमा रही हो
क्यू मुज्रिम से ज्यादा बेकसुर को सजा दे रही हो
आखिर क्यू? क्यू खुदको ठग रही हो।

क्या कहा तुम्नेः

जिसे प्यार कहा तुम्ने
जूनुन समझा मैने।
जिसे सिर्फ दूरिया समझा तुमने
तन्हा महसुस किया मैने।
जब तुम्हे पुकारता था मै लम्हे दर लम्हे
सिर्फ चिख सुना दिया तुम्हे।
और जब हकिकत मे जी रहा थे मै
नाटक नाम दे दिया तुम्ने।

जब दुःखमा आउछ मनमा आधी तूफान

जब दुःखमा आउछ मनमा आधी तूफान
अनि सुखमा हुन्छ दिलमा शान र मान
सम्झ दोषी तिमी हौ, प्रतिक्रिया गर्ने
किन रोएऊ त हास्ने नै थियौ भने
न त तिमीले केही लाने न त मैले केही बोकेर जाने
त्यसैले मुस्काउ आधी तूफानमा, मुस्काउ सुखमा
किनकि दुख बिनाको हुदैन जीबन
अनि सधैभरी सुखै सुखले नभर्न सक्छ हाम्रो मन।