Marriage and Hope:

One who marries must hope his or her marriage would last eternally
Feeling time’s moving fast and peacefully
However one who hasn’t marry must also feel lucky
As long as he or she attends marriage of friends and family.

Blessed then

To let feel your trouble trivial
Listen the random stories of a common man
You may feel blessed in thousand ways then.


Sometimes being ignorant is being most intelligent
And sometimes showing brilliance is an act of deficient
But not every time should we follow the rule
We must act contingent to avoid making ourself a fool.


तिमी जमाउँछौ म माथि हक
त्यसैले म नै त तिम्रो कच्चा प्रशन्सक
अनि म नै तिम्रो सच्चा आलोचक।


Not only you be humble
When in life you fumble
But even when you are shiningly young
And independently strong.

Appreciate the present

Applaud to those single lad who appreciate what they have now in their life
For they would also appreciate what they will have in future as husband or wife
There’s been experience of insanity when we forgot to experience what we already posses
We ought to lose ourselves and even others when we don’t appreciate our present and presence.

I surrender

Upon you I surrender
But yours is the choice and I won’t hinder
Even god doesn’t listen to everyone of our prayer
So don’t regret if you discard me, I will also just try to move on stronger.

Upon you

I cannot guarantee I will love you more than him or her
I cannot say I will provide the luxuries better than others
But I can assure I will love you more each passing day
And you will have increased luxury of happiness until infinite May.

Who knows until when we will be together
But we will be united until we know and that would be forever
Be it together in a same place or apart
Be it closely cuddled or far, just in each others heart.

Weed, high and life

Everybody wants to reach a top
But nobody wants to prepare a pot
A low moment but.

Destiny and you yourself

What’s on others head
Shouldn’t let decide your fate
You are the creator for your success
You must be epitome of happiness.

What’s on other eye
Shouldn’t let decide your image
You must believe in your goodness
And always believe on improvement.

Who’s residing on others soul
Shouldn not make you ecstatic or hurt
You must believe everything is act
No matter who is beating in other’s heart