To have a balanced life with lesser fuss
When needed be a little serious
If not then act humorous
Plus as a student be a little curious.

Act calm even when there’s been any loss
Like in cricket match if you lose the toss.
If in your solid life you are forced to show slush
Be brave and present as a soul who is totally conscious.

Just be what you need to be
You don’t need to make anyone happy
You yourself, be in joy at first
You yourself will thus be in trust.

Valentine and Chocolate

A chocolate I bought for this valentine
Didnot go waste
For it was a sweet success
As I had to eat it, before expiry, all by myself.

Yes, no one till date has responded
Yet still I am not sad
The declination has become a regimen
Yet my enthusiasm for next valentine has not fallen tad.

So I will buy a chocolate next valentine
And I will expect for someone to accept
Even if declined then, I will give cocoa to my pet
Because I have become highly diabetic eating others chocolate.


To have a balanced life with lesser fuss
When needed be a little serious
And more than that act humorous

Valentine chocolate

A chocolate I bought for potential valentine
Didnot go waste
For it was a sweet success
As I ate it all by myself.

Time is Death

When I am lost I am gone forever
I do not come back in same avatar ever
So when I am there, every moment, toast in celebration
Joy in happiness for being together with each other.
We never know the last meeting
Throw off the ego with timely greeting
Though people call me by same name in every genaration
My impact is different on them according to their karmic complexion
Oh! I am time you cannot save me
I am death yet you have a prudent option to use me.


Creativity and environment

Something donated is better than same thing lost
Unutilized ideas are like iron that gets rust
However, it is hard to discern the definition of ‘just’
As we are satisfied when we give but not always at free of cost.

We are motivated if not by money than name and fame
But we find hard to accept it to face the shame
This is but life’s simple game
Creativity doesn’t flourish fully in creditless environment.

The glory

The glory of a bird lies in its flight
The honor of a man is in his forward left-right
The renown of a wealthy being must lie in compassion
The happiness of children is manifested in having fun.

The parent demonstrates love through child care
The lover’s attachement towards anyone is not fair
Other’s freedom is what everyone must admire
But never at the cost of your glory being mired.

Literature in mind

One day I am a saint and another day a hooligan
It all depends on what literature in my mind I carry on.

कहा छेक्छ

कहाँ छेक्छ र पानीले चिता जलाउन
कहाँ रोक्छ र असफलताले आत्मविश्वास जगाउन
प्रेम असफल भो भन्दैमा आफन्त सँग माया गर्न कहा रोक्नु हुन्छ
बिरामी नै भए पनि जिन्दगीको आशा कहा छोड्नु हुन्छ।

Smile please

At least reply to people smile who are happy to see you after a long time
At least wipe out tears of friends and families who share their feelings day or night
If you cannot smile at a stranger or wipe out their tears
At least own a will to dance to the tune of tree pecking woodpecker
Then we may understand a life, a little, dear.