Prudent poet

Why do I have to write a poem if it is already presented more nicely in a feeling which I want to express, by a poet of whom I am aware of?

The handkerchief

I should not have washed the handkerchief that I had used to wipe the tears. But with confidence that I don’t need it again, I washed it. I needed it again, anyway.

The idiot lover:

Of course I loved her
Even when she was in another relation
Surprisingly, one day she expressed her feelings for me
And I expressed less of my willings to her.

Because I was empathetic on her boyfriend too
I didn’t want to hurt him by taking her away from him
So I cared less but ultimately I made a mess
When she broke up with her boyfriend
So as an opportunist, I expressed my feelings to her but it was already late
Neither she loved him anyway nor me now
My love for unknown him destroyed my love for her.

Your will:

I saw you marrying with another man in my dreams
(And you were crying)
I was not able to control my own will even in my own dreams
How can I have posession on your dreams and aspiration?
Do as you prefer it’s your will but let me also cry out
Until then I will share my feelings through writing
And please don’t feel offended.


म बिछोडको सङ्गीतमा डुबेको छु
किनकी मलाई मायामा पौडिन आएन
अनि तिमीले पनि सिकाउन चाहिनऊ
तिमी अर्कै सागरमा ब्यस्त भएर होलाऊ।

Over myself

He is a genuine handsome man
And if I was a girl and in your place
I would choose that person
Even over myself as a life partner
Hence you made a right decision
So never mention regret for not choosing me.

Easy and hard

She made my life easier at my workplace
And in hope that she would also make my life easier at home
I proposed her to marry but she rejected.

Great liar

I said I’d be fine without you
But I have never been since then

I am a great liar


If anybody asks me to choose between hustle and bustle of city and serene beautiful outskirts hillside, I would choose the city just because you, my love, the tranquil natured being live here.
If anybody asks me to choose between an ascetic life or a familial life, I would choose family because I fancy you as disciplined in family environ.

Night sky

These days, night sky is my new best mate
I share my sadness and happiness with it
It listens me and then soothes me with fresh air
But occasionally hearing my sad story it showers tears
Then I also offer my hand and cry along with it
And when the night sky hears I have felt betrayal
It rumbles with thunderstorm but I can’t do that at all
Because I know the whole truth and that on my part there have been some errors
So to protest out loud would not be fair.

Similarly, sometimes to cheer me up, night sky let me wish
By presenting with falling or broken stars
Then, I don’t ask for bungalows and cars
But the impossible- every night be a full moon bright.