Slap in the face now is somehow better than hitting bullets in legs later
What makes a man worse is when his emotions are not vented better
So if you want to reply the threaten of thy neighbor with squabble
Properly express your dissatisfaction and see his reaction
If he obeys you and ceasefires the truce through his muse
Fine, but if he continues to fight for yours silence’s misuse
Chokeslam the man in South and North
Action are better than mouth’s word
However, my neighbor didn’t obey with slap and slam
He had to be finished after many times I had him warned
Even the slap didn’t work, it was temporary
The enemity remains even long after he has been a dead body
Hence enemy may be physical and momentary
But enemity can be present eternally
So choose your nemesis wise
It is the quality of rivals that can make you fall or rise.