It is a place that you must see and visit and you will never regret it
It is a people who you must meet and greet
It is not only a party that you sought to attend
Funeral must also be given a relative precedence.

It is not only that you live with your wife or girl friend
But must make a living by working with your office mates
It is not only that you socialise drinking tea, beer and wine
But earn as much as possible so that your family can also happily dine.

You must be in comedy atmosphere so that you get to jest
It is a sports club where you must rejoice your embodiment and your fuselage
It is a temple where you give your mind and soul
So that god recharges it and give you battery full- mindful.

Yes it is a girl you must marry if you are a straight boy and vice versa
Yes it is a girl you must marry if you are a lesbian girl without any inertia
However, it doesn’t matter if you have not visited place and hobnob with people
Until and unless you have fathom you yourself by experiencing your soul.