I am a selfish man
Who searches for topics to write poem
I only go to toilet in expectation
That to write a poem, I will get some motivation
But in this process clears the constipation.

And I only go to friends place
So that I could get some books in grace
And I cook food not for good taste
But with intention that it however digests
And I sleep not just for quality rest
But for I may have a dream
And get a topic to write a poem.

I know life is too short just to write
There are other task to do in the sight
I have to find a job and maintain a family
Cause money costs even for a cup of tea
So I must stop searching for topics
Because for my child I need to buy Horlicks
Oh! Is this the topic to be written
Of not being able to purchase Horlicks for child
A husband gets beaten.