Home is not made home by the size of it
But of how many family members smile lit
Home is not made home by the big compound  and cars
But of family members residing in peace not in wars.

There have been palaces of cries and loss
But hut in squatters filled with mirth
Though people in hut live in dearth
They borrow money and goods not characters of cuss.

Home is where we snuggle in safety
Though it’s clean, dim, bright or dirty
So we must reside in our home like royals
For palace be in cool place or boiling vales.

Home has its own tales
The bigger storied house bigger the story
Is just disproportionate
Even rented apartment has story to tell

And at last, Home is not just a place to live on
It is where nation’s future is decided on
So behave yourself in your haven
And build your character among the eleven.