Funny Nepali dialogue

दिदी: बाफ लिदैछौ सुदेश?
मः आज पनि भख्खर लिएको।
दिदीः हिजो अस्ति लिएऊ।
मः अह लिइन, किन र दिदी?
दिदीः ‘पनि’ भनेऊ नि त ‘आज’ भने पछि। कहिले त, कोरोना लागेको थाहा भाको दिन लिएको थियौ?
मः होइन दिदी, अस्ति २०६४ सालमा, दरो रूगा लागेको बेला।

Help advertisement concept

I am in the last seat of a jam packed bus………………….. Then I let the front seat of the bus to the old man to rest….. #HereForGood

World Peace Day Ad

This dashain/dusherra and also everyday let us not kill one Ravan or one guirella. But let us demolish every Ravan (bad) qualities that resides within us.

#WorldPeaceDay #SayNoToKillings #Advertisement

Pregnancy kit advertisement

Every news is good news if it makes one smile and laugh. We all had once been the cause of good news for our family when our parents were pregnant. So, let us make them feel that their child birth which was good news then, has grown into best news ever, like we have grown up. So let us take care of those more grown ups who had taken care of us once and forever. And in the process, lit up smile and laughter on their face forever.

#WorldOldAgeDay #CelebrateOldAgeAsWeCelebrateChildhood
#Pregnancy #WorldSmileDay

Menstruation Helath Ad

If you have been isolated due to COVID 19 illness, you must have developed an empathy for the women of Nepal who are forced to practice chaupadhi or maintaining distance from their family members in Menstruation period. And if you are unaware of the word and practice that is chaupadhi, just make your mind it is even more tougher psychologically and physiologically than COVID 19 isolation.

#EndChaupadhi #MenstruationIsHelathyAndNatural.

Hindi telecom ad

ख्याल सबीकि रख्ना, लेकिन ज्यादा उनकी जो आपकी ख्याल रखते हो। इसलिए जो आपसे प्यार करते है, हर दिन एक कल किजिए उनको। जो आपका ख्याल किसी औरो कि तरहा नही करते, अपनी अम्मी पापाको। इसलिए Airtel ल्याया है २ बेस्ट नम्बर प्लान, बर्षो तक आपकी नम्बर से मा और बाबुजीको कल किजिए बिलकुल मुफ्त।
*सर्ते लागु।
*समय और दिल दोनो ही आपका लगेगा।

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Being grateful

To shower someone with love and show fondness is not my forte. However, being grateful early and in the process showing love and respect is fine. Through this status I don’t want to boast myself as a creative constant but whatever creative variable I am today, I want to credit this skill to my big mother (thulomamu). Playing sports especially cricket in that scorching heat in Biratnagar in her community always gave me satisfaction and happiness. And whenever in between the innings or whenever ball got lost and I got thirsty, I went straight to her home to drink water. For me, she is the most creative lady I have seen and I idolises her as a creative constant. Be it a small problem or problem with some values, she had solutions. She was and still is a problem solver. And I did think this lady is special. But not too deeply because I had no time to ponder then because next innings would begin or lost ball would be found and I had to bowl express for my team. I had to get early wickets for my team or break a formidable partnership if the break was in between the innings.

Moreover, when we decided to move to Kathmandu, she was one support system that helped us migrate fairly comfortably. Had she been not there, where would have I taken weekly or sometimes fortnightly shower or washed clothes when we used to stay in rent?  Not only this, through thick and thin of life, she has been constant support to us.

However, life has not been fair to her. When she became paralysed due to stroke some months ago, I was worried but her constant presence taught us to live gratefully in whatever we posses. She wants to help people. Her ambitions are high and she believes to achieve those ambitions being grounded. She has not been a masters degree holder in finance but knew fully where would one’s next investment make great returns if invested. One doesn’t need a degree to comprehend life and the world. Do we? Just attentiveness into the matter would grant one an intuition and she always believed to follow that. What a lady to have encountered in this life. I am always grateful to have you by our side.

Today, tomorrow and always shall I remember her. I hope her operation goes fine. She is an epitome of grace. I am thankful to know her and be related by blood and love.

I love you.

Being creative

To be creative, it is not necessary for one to be involved in a creative industry. You just can be innovative with your observation skill and gain more success with your honesty anywhere. When I started working in the banking industry, though not touted as a creative industry from outside but has some different face from inside due to fast changing technology, I thought banks were a routine mundane job. And for larger part, I was right. However, there have been some form of transformation within me, apart from last few days what I have found during a period of last month or so is that more we try to become ourselves than faking to be what we are not we become creative. This doesn’t imply only on personal level but also organization too. Say if an organization believes there is no room for improvement left, then there starts the downfall of organization. One thing I have learnt in the past decade or so is that being satisfied on past laurels is the greatest hinderance to one getting the status of creative constant. (I use the word constant because everybody is creative but very few are constantly creative and few term those constantly creative people as genius.) Same applies to the one whose creative ideas had been accredited to others name. Don’t ever dishearten. Just create and do it beautifully. Forget the art, just be the artist.

Harmony and Debate

Early morning, a thought struck, ‘Hindus last rite procession is very environment friendly in compared to other religion despite trees being cut down. It is also a visionary form of religion as land becomes and has become scarce with population growth and what if we occupy some amount of land even after our death’. The last rites of Hindus would suggest that in the same land a tree can be grown for grandchild funeral in future where the tree was cut down previously for grandfather’s last rites. Unlike other religions, who prefer to utilize land in their last rite except for one other religion that I know performs sky funeral, Hindus being perhaps the 1st religion of the world knows what is best for future. However, we must respect every religion of the world. Similarly, we have right to practice what is best for us without harming others sentiment. And if I boast about the funeral process of Hindus to a Muslim friend, perhaps he would reply, ‘the dead bodies that rots under the earth would produce various forms of nutrients and bacteria for other plant and trees to grow. And you use those nutrient filled trees bestowed from a Muslim dead body in your funeral. Isn’t this is a form of harmony? This is mutual interdependence.’

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Note: Debate within oneself and others can generally become a source of innovation and creativity. Proper debate can solve many problems.

Aunties- The Human Resource Department of our society and Human Resource Department- the aunties of the institution:

Warning: ‘Writing this post or even sharing this post by anyone can lead into Human Resource Department (HRD) of your institution fuming. But let it be, for they must also be graded or judged on the basis of their performance.’, says my brother.

Yet I want to share his thoughts:

“HRD of some of the institution has similar traits with those of our unemployed aunties and moms who criticize their neighbors and other people in society on the basis of their work (blue collar or white collar), their dress up (what are they wearing), their behaviour and habits and their education. It doesn’t matter how hard other people are working but if someone influential says that some of those people don’t work, acting as a gullible, HRD in some office and aunties in our community will believe and judge us only on those other people words. They would rather give suggestion but never investigate themsleves the root cause to know the real truth. Also, be it HRD in our institution or aunties/mommies in our society’s they think there is no one who works harder than them in whole institution or society.

However, there are two differences between HRD people and aunties. 1.) HRD people are paid handsomely but aunties are not for pinpointing others for who and how they are. (Again, research part lacks in both societies aunties/mommies and also some institution’s HRD). 2.) And this other difference is one positive aspect of HRD, it is that they don’t ask unmarried employee like me when will you get married. Unlike societies’ aunt who reiterate, ‘when will you get married, child’, everytime they meet you. This is one reason why I love HRD.”, adds my brother. Aren’t aunties and mommies in our community free HRD personnel?

Then, I laughed and added, ‘Well, performance appraisal of HRD as a whole, by all the employees (but being incognito) of the institution is not a bad idea to implement to know the satisfaction level of employees and to understand the level of fairness and authenticity HRD presents to the employees.’

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