Only you

You may criticise me for I don’t talk anymore with you but talk only with myself these days;
But you must be aware of the fact that the topic that I talk with myself is only you.

FerreroRocher chocolate ad:

A middle class family’s planning to frame a premium chocolate’s cover to remember that once upon a time they had feasted upon the premium chocolate gifted by their relatives. As soon as we at Ferrero Rocher knew that we started to produce premium chocolates for middle class too. You don’t need to frame a chocolate pamphlet, just to show others that you now had a premium chocolate. Until there’s emotion attached to that.

#FerreroRocher #FrameAtHeart

The winning mentality:

People say it is ok to lose. And it is ok if we bounce back quick. But I believe the later in life you lose, the better it is. Not losing would be best, although an unavoidable task. Because those who win all the matches leading to finals- say upto semis- but lose finals still wins silver (2nd place) at olympics or any sporting event. It is far better than one who had lost semis but has won 3rd place playoff to get bronze. Rather win gold because you seed/rank better for next tournament and your likelihood of winning increases in next tournament as you have to face less challenging opponents in the initial rounds. You get in an easy draw. And if tournament is not about a draw but a series of single races like F1. You will be on a pole position if you win the qualifications.

So, win early win big, early winners are big gainers.

The most creative letter and number

Personally I find the most creative letter as ‘O’ and most creative number as ‘8’. Because letter ‘O’ is an artist that can give form to many letters like small ‘a’, ‘p’, ‘b’, ‘d’ and ‘g’ and capital letter ‘R’, ‘P’, and ‘B’. Also letter ‘O’ contains ‘C’ within it. However you can’t ignore letter ‘I’ as it is equally creative giving base for letters like l, h, b, q and many. But alphabet ‘O’ wins the race as it looks like zero ‘0’, a number, so letter ‘O’ can be called as a double featured letter or a camouflage letter.
Similarly, talking about number ‘8’, it contains even the alpahbet ‘O’ and contains in itself number from ‘0’ to infinity (the number ‘8’ shifted clockwise or anticlockwise to 90 degree gives infinity). Also ‘8’ which contains two ‘0’ is the base for numbers like ‘6’ and ‘9’.

Advertisement for Netflix:

-The content writers of an ad agency we had hired at Netflix have taken mass sick leave. And as per internal source they are binging Netflix’s new shows (share name if possible). So until the making of next Netflix ad, we at Netflix personally request you to watch Netflix.

P. S.: The contents in Netflix are better than upcoming Netflix ads. So view only Netflix not its ad. And it’s ad free because we at Netflix donot entertain or make ad films. So if you are waiting eagerly to watch Netflix ad, then don’t. Because another ad agency we have planned to outsource also has a same problem of creative content writers going for mass leave, perhaps to binge Netflix.

Advertisement for governments in the world appealing people to use mask at the time of covid:

Governments in the world has to deal with poverty, hunger, inequality, unemployment and crime everyday. It cannot come to you personally and ask you to wear mask.
This might perhaps be the last time our governments would be requesting you to put on a mask. Because, even though we would request you next time to put on a mask, there is higher chance you would not be able to hear it if you don’t wear mask now. Because you may not be alive to listen it or be in ventilator.

Note: This ad can be used by WHO itself as it has many governments under its banner.

Advertisement for AIDS awareness:

Having an unsafe sex regularly but fretting about babies. That’s way too much to do. Rather worry HIV/AIDS. Use any form of contraceptive of any brand. Because we dzire to prioritise your helath first than ours financial helath.


Advertisement of an Ad Agency to hire a content writer:

AlreADy, you see ad?
Mad because of ad?
Head full of ad?
Seeing ad in your illness ADHD
Sad due to less creative ads in the market
Meet even two of the above criteria? Then feel free to ADd yourself to an ad agency team to create best ads.


Advertisement Tesla Motors:

-The experience of driving a car- electric or fuel based- may be more or less similar. But the impact on environment by driving a tesla is far better than driving a fuel based car.
-So until this day if you have regret for not planting a tree and not caring for environment, don’t if you have bought Tesla home. Because using Tesla as a daily source of commute equals planting a tree (suppose).
But if you can, perform both- Plant a tree and buy a tesla.
Even if not: Still plant a tree and ride a tesla or any other electric vehicle.

#DriveTesla #MakeBetterImpactOnEnvironment